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Version 1.0


- Grass tiles
- Ground tiles
- Water tiles
- Ledge tiles 
- 1 animated character
- Houses, trees, bushes, grass, flowers, and a boat

License: Assets contained within this pack can be used for both free and commercial projects. You are permitted to use the Licensed Content in unlimited commercial projects. You are NOT permitted to re-sell, sub license, or distribute assets to third parties as standalone files. 

You are free to modify or change any of the assets to fit your creative needs. Credit is not required, but much appreciated.


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Character Right Walk 600 bytes
Character Down Walk 714 bytes
Character Left Walk 612 bytes
Character Up Walk 672 bytes
Full Asset Pack 19 kB


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This is amazing. would love to see more with this style


Hi there!! Can I usenit in RPG Maker Mz??

very cute!

Can I Use This In RPG Maker MV ?

hello how i can use this as ruletile in unity

Adorable 🥰


What software do you use to draw your tiles? You have an amazing gift of choosing perfect colors.

thanks! I use Piskel since it's super easy to use but I should probably upgrade to something more advanced

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ive been using piskel for a year and never changed to another software lol

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First, love the tiles!

Second, I love using Piskel and have been wanting to get into making tilesets. Do you make each tile as an individual file and then combine them all later using something like GIMP, or do you do all the tiles on one single large project?

amazing asset, love it.

i have a question, what's the color palette you used here?, i love these kind of colors but idk what keywords to use while searching, i found your asset just by coincidence

I don't use color palettes, I just choose the colors as I go along. A general tip to get you started with picking the right colors would just be to keep the saturation of each color around the same. 

big thanks for your reply and the precious tip, i always change the saturation and i ended up with something ugly hhhh

Love it!

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What's the licence on this? Can I edit the files for my own game? And can it be used commercially (I don't think my game will get to that point, but just in case).

Yep! It can be used for anything (free or commercial games) and the asset pack isn't exactly finished right now, so feel free to edit/add to the assets to suit your needs!

Thanks! And I do like the style of it.

looks good would like to see other biomes .